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When you think of masters in the music, art, and fashion worlds, you envision passionate and colorful icons like David Bowie, Andy Warhol, and Gucci.

These trendsetters enlightened audiences with their craft, while offering an authentic experience - one that sets the tone for today’s musicians, artists, and designers.

But their road to stardom didn’t come easy.

Bowie quit early in his career, and it took nearly two years of reinvention to return and take the music scene by storm.

Warhol won audiences with his technique but faced criticism for using his talent for commercial purposes. He went on to create a Pop Art phenomenon.

Gucci fought restrictions on leather, embargos, and interruptions in Europe because of world conflict, but persevered to finally open his first U.S. store. The brand thrives today and is recognized as a global status symbol.

EPURI energy is at the epicenter of the creative community. You will find it at the hottest clubs, at galleries, exhibits, and tattoo parlors, and at exclusive events.

Like many of today’s artists, EPURI started in the underground. Today, EPURI aims to be the choice energy drink among creators and collaborators and to live on the cutting edge of our culture. Like art, fashion, and music, EPURI aspires to expand minds, push boundaries, and help deliver an unparalleled experience in everything that you do. EPURI can be your muse or your driving force in your defining artistic moment.

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EPURI, an exciting and refreshing new energy drink that celebrates the creative spirit of those in the music, art, and fashion industries and beyond, will make it’s U.S. debut Friday, June 1, as the after party sponsor of the Las Vegas premiere of Marilyn! The New Musical, at Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

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