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EPURI is more than just an energy drink, we are a brand that is obsessed with inspiring our creators and empowering the creative community across the world.

EPURI’s Ambassador program invites our biggest advocates to join our team to spread and create the love of our products and brand to people everywhere.

Are you ready to become a EPURI Ambassador? A community that cares just as much about you as your dreams. Its finially time for you to become a part of our team and share your love with others and promote our incredible brand.




How it works

So you want to become a EPURI Ambassador? We are beyond thrilled and so excited to meet you! Becoming a part of EPURI’s Ambassador program means that we think you are the perfect fit to spread the love of our brand.

Every EPURI Ambassador will receive a personalized landing page with a unique Tracking Link. Every time someone purchases through your Tracking Link or uses your Tracking Discount Code, you are handsomely rewarded. The more you promote, the more benefits you’ll receive.

Benefits of becoming a EPURI Ambassador

EPURI Ambassadors receive exclusive EPURI and industry news. You’ll be in the know about any upcoming events. And we love our EPURI Ambassadors so much that you’ll receive free product and Epuri swag, and you’ll be in the loop to hear about any new product launches.

As a EPURI Ambassador you will have the opportunity to be involved in our semi-annual sales contests. We want to make it fun for you spread the word of EPURI and make commissions at the same time. The contests will be based on the number of sales that you, the EPURI Ambassador make over the course of six months. You have have a link and personal promotional codes that the customers can input when they are purchasing through the EPURI website. To achieve the best results, we recommend social media posting, word of mouth, or another creative way you would like to get customers to purchase using your link/ codes. 

EPURI also wants to help YOU pursue your own creative dreams, that’s why we’ve created a series of contests that you can submit your creative projects to for a chance to be featured on our website, blogs, social media, and even a chance to design our limited edition cans. But make sure keep an eye out for any communications regarding our contests as they could announced at any time.

For more information on the benefits of becoming a EPURI Ambassador scroll down to see EPURI Ambassador perks for details.


  • Free EPURI
  • Official EPURI swag
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Monthly discounts
  • Promotional marketing calendar and exclusive coupon codes
  • Your chose of commission OR free product,
  • A chance to be featured on our website, blogs, and social media for outstanding sales
  • A chance to be featured on our website, blogs, and social media for creative project(s) submitted for EPURI’s contests

Ambassador Requirements

All EPURI Ambassadors are required to complete the following:

  1. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter:
  2. Post an image of with any EPURI product with the hashtag #EPURIAngels twice a month on at lease one of these platforms.
  3. Have purchased (case, 8 pack? 4 pack?) of EPURI within 3 months prior to applying.
  4. Show us and the world how much you love EPURI!

What kind of EPURI Ambassador do you want to be?

Please note that all EPURI Ambassadors will get equal opportunities to have their work featured on our website, blogs, social media, and newsletters. Not to mention, we will always give you the credit that you deserve!

Art Ambassador

Art Ambassador: Do you love to create visual art? Join our art ambassadors in showing the world your talent. Whether it be any art forms; pottery, paintings, sculptures, street art and style, DIY projects, etc.

Responsibilities: You must use original and high quality photos. Any relevant source links/credits. For DIY projects please include step-by-step guide.

Gaming Ambassador

Gaming Ambassador: Need I say EPURI loves its gamers? Join our gamers in sharing their skillful abilities to dominate the virtual world of reality.

Responsibilities: As a gaming ambassador it is expected that you include EPURI products in any content posts you deem relevant, tell your fans how EPURI fits your lifestyle, include EPURI products in your livestreams at least 5 times per month, and speak to/give shoutouts to EPURI while gaming or on social media.

Music Ambassador

Music Ambassador: Do you love to make music? Come one come all musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, etc. Join our music ambassador in creating music and let us help you share your music with the world.

Responsibilities: You do not need to be affiliated with a music distribution or publishing company. We ask that you do provide us with high quality files (MP3 or WAV), links where we can find your uploaded music so we can share, and any credits.

Service Ambassador

Service Ambassador: Do you love serving others, your community, or do you have a green thumb? Join our service ambassadors in sharing your service endeavors and how EPURI fits into your lifestyle along the way. We’ll even donate to your non-profit of choice.

Responsibilities: Do you organize your own volunteer trips or attend existing trips? Share your experiences by providing detailed information on your services and include short write-ups with original photos that include EPURI however you deem relevant.

Writing Ambassador

Writing Ambassador: Do you love to write? Join our writing ambassadors in creating content around various topics, including, but not limited to, energy drinks, energy drinks in the creative world (i.e. music, fashion, gaming, art, etc.), DIY guides, personal stories, short stories, etc.

Responsibilities: Each entry must be a minimum of 300 words. DIY project must include step-by-step guides and include original photographs. Original pieces. And guest blog posts.

Fashion Ambassador

Fashion Ambassador: Are you a fashionista obsessed with making your own outfits or designing them for others? Join our fashion ambassador in sharing creations.

Responsibilities: Fashion ambassador should provide original and high quality photos of your creations. You may also include step-by-step guide and any brands you used to create your masterpieces.

Lifestyle Ambassador

Lifestyle Ambassador: Are you a blogger, vlogger, or YouTube fanatic? Join our lifestyle ambassador in creating EPURI content across your channels. From “my DIY drinks” to doing what you do the best and showing how EPURI fits into your lifestyle and projects.

Responsibilities: All videos can be whatever length you deem necessary. Let your creativity run free, we love seeing our product in your content!

Photography Ambassador

Photography Ambassador: Do you love creating Instagram content or just love photography? Join our photography ambassadors who create lifestyle photos with EPURI. The world is your oyster, where ever and whatever you want to shoot (as long as we deem viewer friendly), with friends, with nature, at music events, etc.

Responsibilities: You must use original and high quality photos that encompasses how EPURI fits into your lifestyle, or your friends and family.

Sport Ambassador

Sport Ambassador: Are you a professional athlete, fitness influencer, or workout fanatic? Join our sports ambassadors in sharing how EPURI fits into your lifestyle and workout regimen. Does your outfit match our cans? Or do you want to include it your fitness photos? We love it all!

Responsibilities: Sport ambassadors should include original and high quality (iPhone and Android work too) photos. When posting content, tag EPURI, include our hashtag, and if you want to include a description about how much you love EPURI…even better!

All-Round Ambassador

All-Round Ambassador: Can’t decide between the above Ambassador roles? Or do you want to be involved in more than one role? The more the better, we want to show you off!

Responsibilities: Be sure to let us know what roles peak your interest (you’ll be prompted in the EPURI Ambassador online application) and assign yourself to any of the assignments listed in the above ambassador roles.


Next Steps!

Once we approve your application to join the EPURI Ambassador program, we’ll provide you with a selection of promotional links, discount codes, banners, etc. which you can publish on your own website, social media accounts, or blog.

If someone clicks through from your personal links to the EPURI website, and goes to make a purchase within 45 days, you’ll get a percentage of the sale or free product. The more new customers the more incentives you’ll receive!

You’re almost there. Now scroll down to begin your application!


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